Planet Finder

A Powerful (probably OP) search tool to find planets!

Choose your search options and get paginated results. You can also sort the data by any column.

NOTE: This tool uses scraped planet data which is refreshed every hour, so owners and pool may be slightly out of date.

ID Type Spacestation Quadrant Sector System Planet Owner Pool Max Pool Next Reset

About the Planet Finder tool

The Planet Finder is arguably one of the most useful tools produced to date! It allows you to search every single planet in the Starship NFT game by a plethora of search options, and even order the search results by pool sizes (or any of the other available columns).

By using this tool you can easily find big enough planets to send your Primordial & Mythic ships to to be able to max-out your storage capacity, or find new unclaimed planets to claim for yourself. With this valuable data at your fingertips, you will have the upper hand compared to the many players who are still not using the tool.

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What is Starship NFT Game?

Starship NFT Game is a play-to-earn NFT game running on the popular Wax blockchain. The game provides players a number of Starships (or varying rarities and stat levels depending on their Starship token holdings) which they must use to navigate the galaxy to mine a rare resource called Kyanite from 10 different types of planets. Planets can be bought and owned as NFT's, entitling the owner to earn commission every time that planet is mined.

Players can upgrade their ships various stats with different component NFTs, and can buy, sell, trade and blend these NFTs on AtomicHub and NeftyBlocks to max out their stats and earn more Kyanite more efficiently.

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Starship Tools is NOT an official product of Starship, or Starship NFT Game. Starship Tools was created for personal use by Primate Pirate and shared with the community, to give everybody the same advantages in playing the Starship NFT Game, and making game data more easily accessible.

If you experience any issues, please find me in the official Starship Discord community.