Primate Pirate NFT's now available on Atomic Hub and Nefty Blocks. Hop into the new Primate Pirate Discord Server to learn more.

Primate Pirate NFTs

The time has finally come for Primate Pirate to launch some NFTs.

Many NFT-based projects today drop a fancy new NFT line and then make you wait for months, or even years to deliver anything on their roadmap. Here at Starship Tools, I'm doing things a little differently... I gave all of the tools to the community first, and now I'm launching NFTs to help support the next stages of development and a way to give something else back to the community for all your continued support.

More info coming soon...

Starship Tools Access Pass Preview image

Starship Tools Access Pass

The entry-level Starship Tools Access Pass will be the minimum requirement for the upcoming Starship-based quests and achievements systems I'm currently working on.

Mint price: $5 USD in WAXP

Starship Tools Premium Pass Preview image

Starship Tools Premium Pass

All the benefits of the Access Pass, with additional priority access to new Premium-only Tools coming soon.

Mint price: $25 USD in WAXP

GENESIS Collection Preview image

GENESIS Collection

Primate Pirate's most exclusive limited-edition collection. 5 unique editions, each with a very limited 100 mints available.

All 5 editions, titled "Alpha" and "Flux", "Mjölnir", "Dragon" and "Babylon" are already available and minting now.

Mint price: $100 USD in WAXP


Wait, what... so I have to PAY for Starship Tools now?

No, not at all. All of the current tools will remain free to use for all users, although these will become supported by a small number of unobtrusive advertisements at some point in the future (I know, i know... everybody hates adverts... they’re a necessary evil though to keep the servers running).

For those that do not wish to see advertising, it will be possible to verify your ownership of any of the above NFT's and stop them from displaying while still supporting Starship Tools.

A wallet-connect feature will soon be added to facilitate holder benefits on Starship Tools.

What's the difference between Access Pass & Premium Pass?

The access pass will be the minimum requirement for the new Starship achievements & quests system system I’m building, as well as removing adverts from displaying on the website, and access to some NFT giveaways etc.

The premium pass will include everything from the Access pass, even better giveaways, and access to new Premium-only tools as I develop those.

What is the GENESIS Collection?

GENESIS Collection NFTs are not directly related to Starship Tools per-sé, BUT they will include all the same benefits as the Starship Tools Premium Pass, and some better giveaways, AND also include benefits from all future projects and collaborations. They’ll also be limited to only 100 each of 5 designs, so 500 in total. So, they will be the best value for money in the long run, but for the short-term will just be a limited ultra version of the premium pass with additional giveaways & benefits, reserved for the top supporters of Primate Pirate.

Why NFTs now?

Basically all of the NFTs will support me to do more further development on Starship Tools and other new related projects, and the more exclusive GENESIS Collection will be a way for me to reward the most generous supporters.

The desire to offer NFTs stemmed from me wanting to reward previous donations with something special (i.e. an NFT) as gratitude for their support, and the whole idea has evolved into more of a full-time project, where I can offer different levels of reward for different levels of support.

I bought a Starship Tools Pass or GENESIS Collection NFT - why can't I see it in my Atomic Hub inventory?

The Primate Pirate NFT's collection is not whitelisted yet, and by default Atomic Hub hides NFTs that are not whitelisted. There should be a checkbox near the top of your inventory page you can uncheck to display non-whitelisted NFTs.

I'm currently jumping through all the steps required for whitelisting and verification, it just takes a little time and effort to get it over the line.

Did someone mention giveaways?

I'd like to give back even more rewards to generous supporters of Primate Pirate and Starship Tools, so I'll be holding regular giveaways of Starship components, partners/collaborations NFTs and more over in my new Discord server.

How long will I be entitled to benefits for holding any of the Primate Pirate NFT's?

The current NFTs are all valid for life. There is a pretty good chance that future iterations of the Access Pass and Premium Pass NFTs will transition to annual subscription passes, but the current versions will still remain valid as a lifetime membership perk for early supporters.



Starship Tools is NOT an official product of Starship, or Starship NFT Game. Starship Tools was created for personal use by Primate Pirate and shared with the community, to give everybody the same advantages in playing the Starship NFT Game, and making game data more easily accessible.

If you experience any issues, please find me in the official Starship Discord community.